If Donald Trump is Your Moral Compass…

Sadly, I know Christians who think Donald Trump is the best thing since sliced bread. These people apparently either don’t watch television or don’t read (and have therefore never heard the things Trump has actually said). I can only hope. If they’ve heard what Donald Trump has said, and they’re fine with it, then they read a very different Bible from the one I grew up reading.

Now, I’d never say that every Trump supporter is a fascist, racist, or a homophobe, But every fascist, racist, and homophobe I know is a Trump supporter. Pure coincidence, I’m sure. But in the end, one has to be careful about the company one keeps. If you hang out with trash, people may assume you’re trash, too.

Yes, who you support says an awful lot about you, and it has bearing upon your Witness. That should mortify Christians, to think that one day they’ll stand before God and account for their support of a piece of human pond scum like Donald Trump. But so far, it doesn’t seem to worry many of them. I’ve even heard Trump called “a godly man”. All I know is that if Trump is someone’s idea of a godly man, it ain’t God they’re cozying up to. People can say they’re Christian all they like, but when they glorify a man like Donald Trump, they betray everything that Jesus Christ stood for. In short, they’ve betrayed the shallow depth of their faith, and are clearly more concerned with worldly things than right or wrong.

If Donald Trump is your moral compass, you are lost, my friend.

If Donald Trump is Your Moral Compass...

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