Are the Oakland Raiders Moving to Los Angeles?

Oakland Raiders Skull LogoJason Cole of Bleacher Report said on Thursday that Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis would be willing to switch from the AFC to the NFC in order to finalize a move to Los Angeles. According to Cole, the Raiders would agree to realigning to the NFC West if it meant securing a Los Angeles stadium.

I can’t imagine it.

If The Oakland Raiders move to Los Angeles, I’ll feel free to put my allegiances fully behind another football team (I’m looking at you, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – currently my #2 team (Panthers are #3)). The Raiders have sucked for so long now that the word “Oakland” is about the only thing that still gives me warm fuzzies. “L.A. Raiders” sounds like a cabaret on Broadway. Yeah. If the Raiders move, I’m pretty much done with ’em. There’s something to be said for the Raiders’ history in Oakland, and if that doesn’t mean anything to Mark Davis, I don’t see why the Raiders should mean anything to me.

Not that you can really blame Mark Davis. The city of Oakland have treated the Raiders like redheaded step-children for years. Although, it might be fair to say that they might be more fond of the Raiders if they could actually post a winning season. As it is, the Raiders are like the guy who always shows up late to work and always leaves early, but still demands a Christmas bonus. If the Raiders aren’t getting any support in Oakland, I’d say they only have themselves to blame.

Still, I think if they move to Los Angeles, I won’t have any problem moving on. This year marks my 30th year as a Raiders fan. That’s a nice, round number. I can stop there if need be.

And I’ll have an even easier time leaving them in my rear-view mirror if they move to San Antonio (which has also been suggested). I mean… can you imagine the frickin’ Raiders in Texas?

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