God Hates You

Christ vs Christians

Ever notice that the people who talk the most about Jesus Christ are the people whose opinions and positions on nearly every issue directly contradict the teachings of Jesus Christ?

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Israel vs Palestine

Why Should I Care About Israel?

I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me why should I care about Israel without invoking The Bible, the Torah or some other religious text. It’s amazing how quick people are to label you anti-Semitic if you don’t support Israel without question (no, no one has said this to me, but I’ve seen the charge levelled at plenty of other people).

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Three Amigos

My Cousin, Debbie Duffie

My cousin, Debbie Duffie, died last Sunday. It was the end of a long battle with leukemia, which, obviously, she lost. The most basic urge at times like these is to write poems and elegies in honor of the departed, or offer up well-worn phrases to the family such as “sorry for your loss”. None of which really help.

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Organic Fresh Local Produce

Who Can Afford Local Organic?

Since learning that we’ve gone vegetarian, some well-meaning friends have encouraged us to buy from local organic growers. So I figured I’d look over the local options. Hmmm. $12 for a gallon of milk. $7 for a dozen eggs. $8 for a block of cheddar cheese. Holy crap!

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Strom Thurmond, Dixiecrat

Republicans, Democrats and Dixiecrats

Strom Thurmond, DixiecratThe sad truth of the modern era is that those who have studied history are doomed to argue about it with those who did not. What most people can’t comprehend is that beginning in the late 1930’s, the two major political parties essentially began switching sides.

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Thoughts For A Cousin Who Is Hurting

I won’t offer cliches when you’re hurting. I won’t tell you it’s going to be alright. I won’t tell you it gets better. You’ve heard that enough already. But when you are weak and struggling, I will help you to stand.

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California Breed

The Rise of California Breed

The mark of any great artist is that by the time you finish pouring over their latest album, you’re already eager to hear what comes next. I’m eager to watch the rise of California Breed.

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