Windows XP Logo

Why I Won’t Be Upgrading Windows XP

A lot of people I know are wringing their hands over the fact that Microsoft is pulling its support for the old stalwart operating system, Windows XP, on April 8th. This is one of the dumbest things Microsoft has ever done. I won’t be upgrading Windows XP. Clearly, this is all about money.

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Charlie Crist

Tea Party Loonies Call Charlie Crist A “Commie Whore”

So much for the love of Jeebus. A group of Tea Party-affiliated protesters disrupted a book signing by former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (D), calling the former Republican a “commie whore” and shouting that he “looks like an AIDS victim.”

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Mama's Sun

Mama’s Good Lines

Not long after her death, I found a doodle Mama made in one of her notebooks. I scanned it and made a t-shirt design out of it just because I liked the idea of wearing something that Mama had drawn. But I never added any color to it. It seemed… wrong somehow. But today while looking for other images, I pulled that drawing up. Today, for some reason, I added some color to it.

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Hunters, Hunting and Sociopaths

The image attached to this post sparked an angry debate on Facebook. It always amazes me how angry people get when you point out that people might be assholes if they’re kill animals when they don’t have to. When it comes to hunting, it’s fairly simple for me. I respect hunters, hunting and sociopaths. Look, […]

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Bruno Mars Super Bowl 2014

Unimpressed by Bruno Mars Super Bowl Appearance

You have to be careful whenever you express any kind of disapproval where Bruno Mars and other contemporary stars are concerned. Have you ever noticed that if you’re not bowled over by any of the current crop of stars, young people dismiss you as out of touch?

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Jim Childers

Jim Childers Is Dead

They’re burying my step-father in North Carolina today. James A. Childers. Or, as he was more generally known, Jim Childers. He was a city commissioner in Kings Mountain, North Carolina at one point, and always meddled in local politics. He owned a business in Shelby that he inherited from his father. So, there’ll be people there to kiss his ass, as there always are when somebody whose owns a local business dies.

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Snow in Atlanta

The Atlanta Winter Snow Apocalypse of 2014

When I hear Atlanta was pretty much shut down over two inches of snow… it boggles my mind. 2.6 inches of snow caused a traffic nightmare in Atlanta? Really, people? It’s NOT the Atlanta winter snow apocalypse of 2014.

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