Organic Fresh Local Produce

Who Can Afford Local Organic?

Since learning that we’ve gone vegetarian, some well-meaning friends have encouraged us to buy from local organic growers. So I figured I’d look over the local options. Hmmm. $12 for a gallon of milk. $7 for a dozen eggs. $8 for a block of cheddar cheese. Holy crap!

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Strom Thurmond, Dixiecrat

Republicans, Democrats and Dixiecrats

Strom Thurmond, DixiecratThe sad truth of the modern era is that those who have studied history are doomed to argue about it with those who did not. What most people can’t comprehend is that beginning in the late 1930′s, the two major political parties essentially began switching sides.

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Thoughts For A Cousin Who Is Hurting

I won’t offer cliches when you’re hurting. I won’t tell you it’s going to be alright. I won’t tell you it gets better. You’ve heard that enough already. But when you are weak and struggling, I will help you to stand.

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California Breed

The Rise of California Breed

The mark of any great artist is that by the time you finish pouring over their latest album, you’re already eager to hear what comes next. I’m eager to watch the rise of California Breed.

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Mama Peggy

With Thoughts Of Peggy Chaney

I was going to write something sweet, or post a sad meme about missing you and wishing I could wish you a Happy Birthday and give you a good Mother’s Day. But there’s nothing I could say that I haven’t said before. I still miss you terribly.

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Donald Sterling

Freedom of Speech and Donald Sterling

I’m kinda of tired of hearing Righties hand-wringing over Clippers owner Donald Sterling getting into trouble because of his racist remarks about black people. Stop waving the Freedom of Speech flag. That phrase apparently does not mean what you think it means.

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Facebook 1

How To Turn Off Facebook’s Video Auto-Play

If you don’t have much bandwidth, it’s not helpful that Facebook auto-plays the videos in your newsfeed as you scroll. Not only that, it’s an annoying that wasn’t needed. But don’t despair. It’s fairly easy to disable the auto-play “feature”.

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