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I’ve been scrounging around the news articles this morning, getting my daily political rants out of the way. We’ll be going over to Victoria’s brother’s house tonight for “a fish fry” and to watch the Rays game. Their brother, Gary, is down from Tennessee, along with Gary’s son-in-law, Jim. All of them are Republicans, so it’s probably best that I get my political angst out of my system beforehand.
I’m looking forward to the game tonight. It’s beyond cool that the Rays might be going to the World Series. Not that I’m a big baseball fan or anything, but it’s exciting when the local team does this well, and it’s hard not to get caught up in it. Besides, if I drink enough beer I won’t dwell so much on how achingly boring baseball can be. It reminds me of what soldiers used to say about war (and I’m paraphrasing here), that it’s “sheer boredom interrupted by moments of intense excitement”. Watching football is like watching a pitched battle. Watching baseball is like watching snipers take pot-shots at one another over the course of a few days. It’s exciting when they fire off a shot, but other than that you see a lot of footage of someone polishing their proverbial gun, spitting out tobacco juice, or generally standing around with their hands in their pockets looking bored.
Okay, I’m not going into this with the best attitude. But I’ll have a great time once the game starts. And from what I hear, Victoria’s brothers get really animated during a game. That’ll be a lot of fun. Besides, I have a mystery six-pack of Old Heathen beer in the refrigerator that the Beer Fairy brought to me. Let me drink two or three of those and I could watch a chess match.
Well, I’m starving, so I shall forage for sustenance (sorry, too much Teal’c exposure of late). Ya’ll wish me well in the “keeping my mouth shut” department. I don’t want to ruin the game today by getting into political arguments. Hopefully it’ll be the last thing on anyone’s mind with “béisbol!” on the agenda.

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