Behringer Ultrabass BX300

I wasn’t shopping for an amp when I went into the store where I got this. I think I had gone there to pick up a guitar that I was having set-up. While I was waiting for the paperwork, I played a bass through a Behringer BX300.

I was surprised at how great an amp this small could sound. I’ve used it a few times around other musicians, and I’m always asked to turn it down a bit. Of course, I admit this hasn’t been in a club setting or anything.

I bought a BX300 because I’d missed having a bass amp to plug into. I mean, it’s nice to just walk into the room, plug in and then have at it. Sometimes you just get tired of headphones, ya know? Sometimes you want to feel the music alive in the room with you, reverberating on the walls and making the floor tremble. That’s the way music is supposed to be, anyway. It’s not supposed to be confined through headphones or tiny computer speakers.

Okay, so this is a far cry from the Ampeg bass head and 2×15″ speaker cabinet I used back in the 1980’s. But that doesn’t mean it’s a push-over. It can make some serious noise. And it lets me reminisce about being young and full of piss and vinegar, expecting the world to fall at my feet. Besides, when you want someone to hear the killer new bass run you’ve been working on, it takes something away from the experience when you hand someone a pair of headphones and say “Here, put these on.”

I guess it’s possible that owning this amp is like having a cat. It may not have the same roar as the big cats do, but anyone who’s ever owned a cat knows that you can still get scratched. There’s a physical limitation to how much damage a domesticated cat can do because of its dimunitive size, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to it being entirely tamed. I guess in a clumsy way I’m trying to say that I consider this amp to be a miniature lion.

In 2009 I started using the amp in practice when I switched to guitar, using my Behringer V-Amp 2 for sounds and this Ultrabass BX300 as a powered speaker cabinet. I haven’t heard one complaint about the fact that I’m using a bass amp to amplify my guitar. That probably says a lot about the quality of this unit.

“Looks like David, sounds like Goliath.”

– Behringer

Purchased: 2004
Condition: Functional
Amp Type: Solid state
Manufacturer: Behringer
Seller: Cleveland Music, Kings Mountain, NC
Price: $100


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