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Working on the web site. I’ve just finished tinkering with the Band pages on the web site. Which is kind of annoying, because prior to yesterday or so, I didn’t have band pages. I guess I figured I didn’t have enough to do. Let’s create a whole bunch of new pages and make it take even longer to get this damned web site done.
While I’ve been tinkering tonight, I’ve been listening to some 4-track tapes that I discovered of Poetic Justice (the band I played in with Tony Rogers, Mike Peeler and Ted Huston back in 1990 or so). I’d love to post some of these recordings. But I don’t know the protocol here. They’re not my songs. But damn, I’d love to post these clean 4-track recordings of Tony, Mike and myself. They were recorded when we’d started tinkering around with the idea of trying to put together some kind of demo. We laid down some drum tracks, with bass and guitar on a separate track as a guide, intending to go back and put in individual parts later. We never finished them, but I have one tape of the three of us jamming on most of the songs we were working on at the time. It just seems a shame that no one ever got to hear these recordings.
Hell, I don’t even know the names of some of the songs. I’d write Tony and ask, but he’s busy enough as it is. Besides, I’m always weirded out talking to Tony. Which is my psychosis, I know. He and Robin are building up a lot of momentum, and I think they’re really going places. I’m sure along the way they’re going to have a lot of people kissing their asses. So I’m always afraid that Tony’ll think I’m just trying to stay in touch with him because they’re rising stars and all that. The truth is I just like the guy. Always have.
I think I’ll ask him what he thinks about me posting some of these songs. If nothing else, I can at least post my tune, which I have Peeler and I jamming on. Fuck, I’m tempted to lay in some guitar parts and finish it. Not that it’d be CD worthy or anything, but it’d give me an idea of what’s there.

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