Back in North Carolina

I just crossed into North Carolina. What a long, long, strange trip it’s been. I’m happy to be back in North Carolian. Hopefully I won’t have to see Canada again for awhile. I don’t mind going up there, but my company is bad enough about screwing its drivers on trips in the U.S. Between the trip up to Canada and the trip back, they’re going to screw me for about 450 miles. Put in practical terms, that’s $175.
There’s no point in arguing about it. They’ll just say “we use Rand-McNalley miles, which is standard industry practice.” Yeah, well. Maybe you should use Google Maps. They’re usually pretty close.
The thing is, that 450 miles constitutes around 7 1/2 to 8 hours of driving. Can you imagine the squealing those same people would be doing if instead of getting paid for 40 hours they got paid for 32? And then some asshole justified it by saying “we use Rand-McNalley hours estimates. It’s the industry standard.” How long do you think they’d be working at that company?
Well, they’re right about one thing. Screwing drivers is the industry standard. All trucking companies pay for less than actual miles. My company gets me, on average, for about 60 miles ($24) on each and every trip. I run four to six trips a week. You do the math. I guess I’m just angry because they got me for 350 miles on one trip. That’s off the charts, and not one person has responded to my questions.

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