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Accidental Baby Squirrel Friend

squirrel2We unexpectedly gained a new addition to the household this afternoon. I was heading out to go to the post office when I saw a baby squirrel sitting the middle of the alleyway as I drove up it. He didn’t offer to move, so I put the car in park and got out, figuring it would run when I did. Except, well, it didn’t run. So I stomped my foot, thinking that would scare it into the grass, but that didn’t work, either. Quite the opposite. It moved slowly over to me and put its paws on my pants leg. I reached down, and when I did the squirrel climbed into my hand. Not remotely what I was expecting to happen.
Right as this was happening, a car drove up and was wanting to turn into the alleyway (which I was blocking). I debated about whether to put the squirrel in the grass or take it with me, but I was worried about the other car running over it, so in the end I took it back to the house with me.
Right now we’re not sure what to do about the little critter. We bought some Pedialyte and some Esbilac solution to help us get it strong again (it’s rather dehydrated, I think), and aren’t really sure what our next step will be. We’d rather get it back to its mother, but I’ve seen no squirrels in that area since I picked this one up. So we’re reluctant to just put it back out there and hope for the best. Especially not with it as weak as it seems to be. Hopefully we’ll discover some friendly guidance from one of my mother’s friends, who used to have a squirrel.
Personally, I have some doubts about the squirrel making it. It’s awfully weak. But if it doesn’t make it, it won’t be for lack of effort on our part. Hopefully, since I have doubts about it making it through the night, the Universe will do like it normally does and prove me wrong.

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