Apologies to MySpace Friends

I’ve thought quite often that I should write my friends on MySpace and thank them for making me feel like it matters to someone that I’m still breathing. There are quite a few people on my friends list who often post comments. They always make me smile. And there are times quite often when I really need that. It’s always nice to come in at the end of a week on the road and find that someone has left a message or a comment. Even if it’s just “have a nice day.”
Now, I’m not talking about my “real world” friends who are sort of obligated (because they know I’ll find them and look at them severely if they don’t stay in touch). I’m talking about the people who don’t know me personally, but repeatedly take a moment from their day to leave a comment. Even if it’s a comment they leave on all their MySpace friends’ pages. I appreciate them thinking of me.
Now. For the apology …
To those people, I want to say that I am sorry that I rarely respond or reciprocate. You’re discovering what most of my friends have learned through the years. My friendship usually shows no obvious returns on your investment. You’ll probably have to know me for years before you realize that I value your friendship, and that I am one constant that you can rely on. I may not be the most responsive friend you’ll ever have, but over time you’ll notice that I am still here, while many or most of your old friends have wandered off and been replaced. My friendship is low cost and low maintenance, and I will always be willing to step up if you are in need.
I realize this is sounding less like an apology and more like a declaration. All I’m trying to say is that I’m sorry you don’t get more feedback and response from me. I take friendships seriously. Even the tenuous MySpace kind. My friendship may not be one that offers dynamic interaction, but I assure it is a friendship that cannot wither on the vine. However it may seem, I do appreciate you.
Now, in closing, I want to state my whiney self-defense for being such a slack-ass. Well, anyone who has kept up with my blogs knows that 2006 was a horrific year for me. My process of putting myself back together has largely consisted of my driving down endless highways through the week, pouring salt into my wounds, and then complaining about the pain. “Poor Wic. He suffers so.” And all that. Then I come in on the weekends, do some basic maintenance on my web sites and pages, offloading notes and ruminations (such as this) from my cellphone and PDA, and then …
… well, then about the only thing I want to do is escape. My job. My life. Myself. And so when I should perhaps be responding to friends’ comments and messages, I am instead submursing myself in the warm goo of techno-sedation. I habitually make my escape into an online game called World of Warcraft. I much prefer being a night elf warrior or mage to being a fat, restless truck driver with a plethora of demons and issues. It gets me through.
So, I apologize for my abscence. I realize this is no way to build friendships. But if you really want to hang out, send me a message about WoW. I’ll send you a link to the trial software download. Hey, kid. Ya want some candy?
Tell them your friend, Saphiri, sent you. Then join me on Aerie Peak. I can’t promise the most intelligent conversation. But I promise we’ll blow some shit up and feel a lot better about things in general.

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