Another Sunday

Getting my head together for the trip out. I’ll have leave around 8pm tonight to get to Trussville, Alabama by 4am tomorrow morning. I’m rather annoyed by that, because I know no one will be at the customer until about 7am. But if I’m not there when the company says to be there, they’ll consider me late and it’ll go against me.
I’ve been updating things, clearing out e-mail inboxes and sending notes to online friends whom I’ve long since neglected. I changed the music on my page, too. I loaded the page and realized that beside my picture Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack was funny. So I switched to The Shadow by Garaj Majal. Deal wid it. Besides, The Shadow sounds largely like what goes on inside my head.
Finished up my Christmas shopping over the weekend. Not that there was much to it. Losing touch with some friends, and having others put distance between us, wound up being cost-effective. I also realized that there were quite a few people that I habitually buy gifts for who couldn’t give a fuck about me. I mean, some of these people can’t be bothered to write or respond to e-mail, much less buy me a gift.
I know how that sounds, but I don’t care about getting gifts. I much prefer giving them. But after a couple of times showing up with really nice gifts for people who seem underwhelmed and can’t be bothered to jot a note on a card for you, you kinda begin to wonder why you bother. Well, this year I decided not to.
I bought Mama a new 19″ flat-panel monitor for her computer. I can mention this because she talked me into giving it to her. She didn’t know what I got her, but it drove her crazy knowing that her Christmas present was in the truck. After she guessed what it probably was, I caved. Fuck it. Why not? Christmas itself isn’t going to mean much to either of us this year, and she has no tree to put gifts under, anyway. So what the hell?
You know, speaking about friends has made me think of an online friend whose friendship I’ve apparently lost. I wrote her yet another pointless e-mail today, asking her to please explain to me what, if anything, I might have done to cause her to stop talking to me. It’s bizarre. Not that we were close friends or anything, but I’m not used to someone turning their back on me and not telling me why. I mean, if someone wants me to fuck off, that’s fine. But at least be grown up enough to tell me why.
The only reason I can think of is something that’s popped up with a few other online friends. It’s come to my attention that a certain party told quite a few people that I was pretending that Claire, the object of my writing experiment, was a real person, and that Claire’s blog posts were based upon her. I won’t even address the unhinged arrogance of such a notion. But it does seem like around the same time that some of these other online friends began to inform me of the quiet campaign of disinformation being carried out by a certain party is when this other online friend stopped talking to me.
Look, if this is the case, I wish she’d be adult enough to go check out Claire’s page herself. She would do well to read the Disclaimer and Rules of Engagement posts that clearly state that Claire is a work of fiction, as are all of her blog posts.
I don’t know if this is the case. But if it’s not, I wish this friend would have the good form to at least tell me what I did. It only bothers me because to my knowledge I haven’t done anything, and if she thinks I did, it’s probably due to a bunch of lies and misinformation.
That was an unexpected tangent. I highlighted it and started to delete it, but what the hell? I feel better just mentioning it.
Well, I’m going to go. I need to transfer over some MySpace posts to my web site. There’s no evidence to support to belief that people actual visit my web site, but for the few who do, I should update it.

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