Another Lumper Rant

Made it to consignee on-time (with 2 minutes to spare). Been wrangling ever since just to get the lumper boss to tell me how much they’ll charge to unload my trailer. When he finally had time to look at it, he told me $150.
I’ve always had problems with the concept of lumper services (yes, here we go again). Or at least with the companies that use them. Come on. You don’t even want to employ the people who unload your trucks? You parcel it out to lumper services, who extort high fees from trucking companies and employ people for low wages and cursory benefits?
I suppose it just strikes me as wrong that a company orders freight from a manufacturer, and when it arrives they kick off responsibility for unloading it to another party. They force trucking companies to pay for unloading the freight that they ordered.

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