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Announcing the Guavaween Extravaganza!

Guavaween ExtravaganzaHear ye! Hear ye! And you… yes, you with the handcuffs and whips… you know who you are. Let this serve as an official invitation to Systematic Chaos’ Guavaween Extravaganza (the first of many, we hope)! We’ll be kicking off the festivities at our old haunt, Market On 7th, on Halloween night, right in the thick of Guavaween. Depending on how many people are left standing by then, we’ll fire up the show around 10pm, and will play until 2:00 or so the next morning (or until the SWAT teams come in to chase the stragglers out of Ybor).

Guavaween itself needs no introduction. If you know what it is, you know how much fun it can be (and how wild it can get). We’re pleased and privileged to render a showcase at Market On 7th, with a full light show, fog machine, and full costumes. The centerpiece of our show will be Del Westcott’s amazing Halloween drum kit (which you have to see to believe).

So if you’re not afraid of having a good time, come on out and make some noise with us. We’re going to be in the thick of it during Guavaween, performing a number of Halloween songs specifically for our Guavaween Extravaganza. We guarantee that I good time will be had by all.

Market On 7th
1816 East 7th Avenue
Tampa, FL 33605

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