Angry in Wytheville

I’ve pretty much made up my mind to leave The Company. Right now I’m mostly going over the best way to do that without getting stuck. I mean, I’ll have to clean out my truck. So I’ll need to get to Kings Mountain. That keeps me from just taking off. Whatever shit I have to take today I just have to take. Then get to Kings Mountain. Clean out the truck over the weekend. Arrange a bus ticket to get me back from Greensboro (not like anyone in my family would help). Then tell The Company on Monday that I’m bringing them their truck.
I still haven’t decided where I’ll go. I have an offer from J.B. Hunt. But (much to my amazement) I’m thinking of going back to U.S. Xpress. I only plan to drive until the end of the year, anyway. Why not end my career with the company I started with?

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