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Wicasta Lovelace

Wicasta currently lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida. He’s married to a wonderful woman named Victoria, who seems to think that he can do no wrong (artistically) but that he lacks proper motivation (she has a point). Right now Wicasta is working on various unfinished projects, but is mostly hoping to get off of his ass and finish something for a change.

Depending upon whom you ask, Wicasta could be considered a writer, a poet, a musician, or an artist. If you poke around a bit, you’ll find evidence to support any of those assertions floating around on the web site, and can make up your own mind as to whether any of it holds water.

Rejecting traditional models of generating revenue and/or attaining success, Wicasta self-publishes his own work through his publishing company, Windhaven Network, based upon the belief that it is, or should be, enough for an artist to find ways of making a living from his or her work without engaging in the closed loop obsession of striving solely for riches and super-stardom; that sustainability is itself the very definition of success.

Wicasta supplements his income by providing web hosting and development services for individual and business clients, audio editing and mastering for musicians and bands, product development and deployment and social networking consulting, all through the Windhaven Network brand. As well, Wicasta continues to make write, record and release music via three primary ongoing musical projects; acoustic Rock with Windhaven, electric Blues / Rock with Catdaddy Pirates, and experimental / Progressive Rock under his own name.

Wicasta and Victoria also supplement their income through Victoria’s excellent online t-shirt store, Floozees Doozees, which features eclectic designs with plenty of sass and attitude, in sizes up to 5X.


This web site is dedicated to my wife, Victoria Sadler Lovelace, as well as to the memories of my dear mother Peggy Chaney, my father, Bob Lovelace, my sister, Tanya Lovelace, and my beloved aunt, Loretta Chaney.

Much love to my brother, Justin Lovelace, his family, and to our dear Madre Pilar.

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13 years ago

How did you like those Ovation guitars compared to others? [Yes, I realize that it’s a weird question, and that realization is what allows me to state that I’m practically sane.]


Lauren Sapala
13 years ago

Hey Wicasta!

I stumbled across your blog while doing some research for my office and started reading your posts. I see you mention that you’re working on some short stories and a novel. I’m a writer myself, I run a small writing group out here in San Francisco. I just wanted to say that you have a really strong and cool, definitely quirky, writing voice and I hope you finish your work and get that book out there. If you need some sort of sign from the universe then consider this at least a small one. People like me would love to read books that people like you write. Keep working on it, one piece at a time and you’ll get there.

Hope I see your name on the bookstore shelves one day! I’ll definitely pick that book up!

Good luck–

Lauren Sapala

9 years ago

‘that sustainability is itself the very definition of success’

couldnt agree more

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