A Logo, Chaos Theory and Edward N. Lorenz

The “Chaos Vortex” that has become my de facto logo is a nod to Edward N. Lorenz, American mathematician,  meteorologist, and pioneer of chaos theory. It was originally developed for one of my bands, but I discovered upon the band’s demise that I was too fond of the design to let it just go away. I also found myself pondering that, perhaps, this logo was the only reason I played with that band. Perhaps this logo was the point, the one and only thing I was meant to extract from the experience. Hey, that must be it!

The design incorporates the Lorenz attractor, which is a fractal structure corresponding to the long-term behavior of the Lorenz oscillator (a 3-dimensional dynamical system that exhibits chaotic flow, noted for its lemniscate shape – reminiscent of a “figure 8” and sometimes called “the butterfly effect”).

The ring of fire was conceived as an eclipse or a black hole which would frame the Lorenz attractor, into which all things are being irresistibly drawn; a nod not so much to the idea of the gravitational well of a black hole, but of the ever evolving, non-repeating pattern of chaos theory.

The immediate effect is that the circle of flames is like a black sun on fire. The Lorenz butterfly inside the circle, behind the flames, becomes a focal point, bringing your eyes to the center of the design. You’re drawn in. From an artistic standpoint, the appeal of that should be obvious.

Any words that are attached to the design are simply an aesthetic to let people know the name of artist, but the actual logo is the black ring of internal fire with the neon green Lorenz butterfly in the background.

I believe this design sums up who and what I am as an artist. It is not a black hole in any sense, that you are inevitably drawn into. Rather it is a compelling attraction. You can resist if you so desire, but you will be greatly rewarded if you follow the pull. All art, for better or worse, should speak for itself, and pull you in based upon its own gravitas or gravitational field. If it doesn’t pull you in, that’s fine. No harm done. But there is an elemental chaos taking place right over here on your periphery. And it will keep on going whether or not you pay attention to it. It’s all a matter of perspective, as well as personal awareness. Not everyone will “get” what I’m trying to do here.

Your approval is not needed or sought, but you are welcomed to come into the circle. If you are willing to cross the threshold, I promise to greet you with open arms on the other side.

~ Wicasta Lovelace

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