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A Girl Named Mary

I once met a girl named Mary.
She loved me all night long.
When morning came I felt wicked,
And sat down to write her this song.
She asked me if I were a surgeon,
My my hands were tender and sure.
I had deflowered a virgin
And she’d like deflowerin’ some more.
Now I’ve been around a long time,
And known women of some ill repute,
But I’ve never known of a virgin
Who’d do the things that she’d do.
So I asked an impolite question,
Concerning her skills of delight,
Like where she’d learn all those positions
If last night had been her first night?
She said God had come to her in a vision
And told her to go love the world.
And I was the first one enlightened,
In the ministry that God gave this girl.
Now, I’m not one to deny fortune,
Or laugh in the face of good luck,
Nor am I one to scoff at, throw scorn to
The joys of a good, sweaty …


(June 16, 1996)

Lyrics: Wicasta Lovelace
Music: Wicasta Lovelace

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