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A Final Word On Systematic Chaos

I just wanted to say a few final words on the demise of Systematic Chaos. Before I go any further I just want to say that I’m not trying to bash Systematic Chaos, and I hope nothing I say comes across that way. We had a lot of potential together. But the three of us just weren’t a good fit. We all wanted different things out of the band, and none of us were willing to budge. I’ll always consider Del and John to be my friends, and I could definitely see myself working with either one of them again.

I wish Del well with his new band, Dramatica. They seem to be a better fit for him than either John or I. As for John, I wish him well in whatever he does. We had discussed keeping Systematic Chaos going and maybe morphing it into the house band for an invitation only jam, but after trying to put something together for four straight weeks in the Wednesday slot at Market On 7th and having John agree to it and then opt out (twice just hours before we were to play), I finally took the hint. I may not have liked the way John handled his departure, but I certainly wish him all the best.

In the end, I will always be eternally grateful to Systematic Chaos, Del and John. They allowed me the opportunity to transition back from being an ex-truck driver into being a musician again. Without them I might never have regained my confidence musically, much less my timing, chops and stamina. Without Systematic Chaos, I wouldn’t be in fighting form to contend with this new band, or hold my own within it.

Del and John will always be part of a fondly remembered part of my life. And they will always have my friendship.

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