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A Fairly Productive Day

We’re about to eat supper (they call it “dinner” down here; poor, confused people). I’ve been reasonably productive today. I changed the WordPress themes on Mama’s web site, on Claire’s, and even added one to my own (hopefully you noticed). Mine was a pain in the ass because I couldn’t get the sidebar to display the information I wanted, and, well, being the obsessive type I just couldn’t let it go until it complied.
I also got some pictures taken of the things I’m going to sell on my eBay store. My ADAT, and my Rockman Rockmodules. I also wrote the copy for each and should get them up pretty soon. I need to get moving on that. The money would come in handy.
Well, mostly I’m tinkering with the new WordPress theme and wanted to write something. I’m going to go sit in the den with Victoria and Katie and bask in the underlying tension (Victoria nixed Katie’s plans to buy a dog; much attitude followed). Maybe I’ll rub off on them. I’m in a good mood. Getting something done always does that to me.

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15 years ago

I love the new look! Stole it from me eh? lol. j/k. Glad to see you are smiling today. And thanks for the link! But you’re gonna need to change it soon. I have been writing on my main, no frills, site –

15 years ago

Hi Wic… I have been reading your blog for sometime, as I find your writing thoughtful and amusing. I’m also on your Myspace friends. I was hoping you’d stop by my blog sometime…, since I tagged you for a fun little meme about yourself. Anyway, I hope you have a great day and everyone’s feeling okay. I’ll comment more often, too. Thanks, and have a blessed weekend!

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