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A Cruel And Bitter Blow

AnguishOkay, so maybe the title is melodramatic, but what happened last night felt that way. I was coming through the kitchen and bumped into a glass of wine that was on the counter (my legendary gracefulness didn’t come into play). In what was probably a 1 in 35,000,000 chance, the glass fell over onto my forearm, and the entire contents washed down my arm onto the PDA that I was carrying in my hand.
Needless to say, the PDA is finished.
I call this a cruel and bitter blow because there’s no way I can ever afford to replace the PDA. Plus, I used it on a daily basis on my job working for my brother, keeping track of inventory, back-orders and invoices. While I back up much of this material on my computer, I hadn’t done a back-up in a while (I know, I know – bad Wic!). What gets me most, though, is that this is going to seriously hamper keeping track of inventory. I won’t be able to just look at my PDA for quantities anymore, so this is a real game changer.
I know this is a mundane thing, and is probably not something that’s worth writing about. But at the moment it feels like a significant loss. I suppose in the end I only mention it because I’m getting tired of the losses. One would think that at some point I would be allowed to make a few gains. Maybe then problems like this wouldn’t seem quite so insulting.

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