I’ve been thinking of ways to better integrate the various sections of my web site, and thought I’d struck upon a pretty good way of doing that with a new theme that I like. But naturally that theme is giving me some troubles, and I’ve called it off for the night. So… why mention that as a Headline? Simple. I’ve let the satellite sections of my web site loiter in dark corners without much attention for far too long, and I’m determined to make some changes (temporary setbacks be damned).

The theme I’ve been using is too busy for the sub-pages such as Music and Writing. I’d like to feature some posts, sure, but I don’t think I need a full-blown magazine style theme, with Headlines and Featured categories. That’s overkill. And not only does it get in the way of people who are digging for information, but it discourages me from posting, as well. Even if I do post something, it winds up halfway down the page where no one ever notices it.

Anyway, here’s your fair warning. There are going to be some changes around here. Hopefully for the better. And since I’m resuming work on the Progressive Rock album that I started in 2010, it comes at a good time.