Beginning next year, this web site will undergo a metamorphosis. It will cease being my personal web site, and will instead become the web site for a band called Wicasta. Okay, I know that sounds a little strange. But bear with me. Think about how Carlos Santana has a band called Santana, or Eddie Van Halen is in a band called Van Halen. Why would we do this, you might ask?

My wife and band-mate, Victoria, and I decided to change some things up. We realized long ago that the name we chose for our band, Windhaven, was literally overused. There are insurance companies named Windhaven, not to mention counseling centers, rental companies, and any number of yuppie enclaves cloister behind the walls of their gated communities. In short, the name “Windhaven” was not nearly as unique or interesting as we thought it was. And while we still love it, it’s not something we can really reserve for our own use. It’s actually quite embarrassing to know that when people search for your band’s name, they wind up reading about insurance.

To get this new adventure going, starting January 1st we will be either stripping my personal content out of this web site and moving it to a new domain, or moving it to another section of the web site (the latter seems more likely, since some pricks based in Panama went and registered We’ve already created a new Facebook page for this new band, though we’re not really using it yet. Since nothing is ever simple, it’s called WicastaBand, because Facebook won’t release just “Wicasta” because it was associated with my original FB profile (even though it’s been deleted). And since the pricks in Panama have registered my name, it’ll probably get complicated over the next couple of years. lol. We’ll figure it out together.

Anyway, here’s fair warning that this web site will be re-purposed soon. We’re going to be working on a new album in 2018, which will be released under the band name “Wicasta”. The album is based upon a collection of short stories I will be publishing under my name, Wicasta Lovelace. Honestly, we just figure it makes more sense from a marketing standpoint to put all of our eggs into one basket, and that’ll it will serve us better if we don’t have multiple brands that we’ll be marketing at the same time. At least by using “Wicasta” as a band name, there’ll be some cross-over promotion from the books and art published under my name. This also allows us create a band identity different from what we might use if we just used my own name.

Changes are coming. We’re going to hit them head-on in 2018, and hope to have the ball rolling on a solid track by 2019.