The Return Of Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson came back to the house today. When I first heard of this, it made me really angry. I’ll explain why.
First off, the first thing Mama mentioned when she told me that he had come by on the 19th was that he worried her. She mentioned how strange he acted. Well, Scott always acted a little strange, I guess. But he told Mama that he had had problems with the police, that 3 women had accused him of stalking. This isn’t something you tell a retired woman who lives alone and then expect her to be comfortable in your presence.
Regardless of the reasons, Mama was a little worried by presence and, frankly, by his state of mind (because of some of his statements). Well, today he came back to the house. Mama said he rang the doorbell for 5 min and then sat in the driveway in his car for another 5 minutes or so. She told him we wouldn’t be back until Monday, so what possible reason would he have to come back to the house?
I’m not expressing myself very well. This bothered me. I can’t tell you why. Except that perhaps I resented that someone has shown up and is seemingly trying to insert themself into my life. There isn’t much room at the moment, ya know?
Anyway, I called him, intending to tell him off. But something changed in me once I was actually on the phone with him. For one thing, I realized that it was quite possible that he simply didn’t understand that we wouldn’t be back until next Monday. He thought we were at home that week. Now, this doesn’t explain why he felt compelled to come by three times in one week, but that’s beside the point.
Essentially, I’ve decided that I overreacted. I hadn’t seen this guy since we were kids, and suddenly he shows up telling crazy stories and being conspicuously present. Maybe I resented it. But now, after talking to him, he’s become less of a theoretical problem and more of a person. Is he strange? Yes. I can see why Mama would be concerned. She doesn’t know Scott, and she feels vulnerable. But I don’t think I’ll solve anything here by being an asshole.

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