A New Lawnmower

We bought a new lawn mower today. A Troy-Bilt. One of the good ones. I cut the front yard, and nearly wore myself out emptying the grass-catcher bag. The front yard looks damn good. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a really good mower, and I was somewhat amazed at the difference that it made. I didn’t get to the back yard, but I’ll get that Monday. It felt really good to get that yard done. It made me feel real. Does that make any sense? Something about our jobs and the way our lives seem to be spent either waiting or running our asses off just doesn’t make one feel connected.
I bought a spreader, and commenced to spreading some grass fertilizer/weed killer along with some grass seed. We’ll see what comes up in the next week or two. Our yard has been neglected for so long that it’s largely covered with clover. There’s not a lot of grass out there. I hope to change that by the end of summer. That’s part of the way I intend to re-connect with the real world. One blade of grass at a time.

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