An Evening With Mara's Family

Welcome to July. Geez, that sounds weird. I would ponder about where June went, but I’d have to admit that I’m still wondering what happened to the last ten years.
Mara and I had dinner at Olive Garden in Charlotte with her family. We had wanted Mama to go with us but in the end she decided not to go. I was a little quiet at first. I was worried about Mama (she’s had headaches and has been feeling sick most of the week). But after a few glasses of a sickeningly sweet sangria I loosened up a bit. We had a pleasant evening. At the end of the meal, though, Mara’s mom, Pam, insisted on paying for the meal. I refused at first, but she said that she wanted to get the tab because of Mara’s birthday (which was on June 20th). How could I refuse that?
Oh! I have a funny. The P-bass pickup that I bought for Dawg’s bass shipped to their house for some reason. So we circled by there after we left Olive Garden. I opened the box, and guess what the first thing I saw was? An America Online CD! I ordered a pickup from an online music store (Musician’s Friend, for those who must know) and an AOL disc was included in the shipment. Geez! Where will it end?

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