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Computers, Lawyers And SWG

Mara and are both sitting in the computer room, tinkering on the Internet. She set up her new computer in here (I bought her a new one from Dell for her birthday). And though we had some trouble yesterday, she managed to connect both of them to our new wireless network. We had to go down to Time-Warner this afternoon to get a new cable modem. The old one wasn’t compatible. But it looks like we might get to play Star Wars: Galaxies together tonight after all.
In other news, Mara talked to a lawyer today. He thinks he can get me through this Illinois ticket thing largely unscathed. Of course, it’ll cost us $500 in lawyer’s fees, plus court costs and whatever fines. But it looks like I won’t lose my job. It shouldn’t be reported to North Carolina or be put on my MVR, which means you-know-who in Chattanooga won’t find out about it (ass-covering going on here). Good deal! We needed some good news.
Mama’s been fattening us up. She made a huge pan of chicken pot pie yesterday (which we demolished). Today she made beef noodle casserole. Oh, man. Good help ya when Mama is about to go on a diet. The week leading up to it is certainly “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we diet.”

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