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Racial Profiling?

I just saw something that pissed me off. I-74 in Indiana around mile marker 148. A middle-class black family was stopped by a state trooper, who was searching their trunk. This made me mad because of the family. We’re not talking about a bunch of young rapper wannabes in a BMW. We’re talking about a respectable looking family in a sedan, and their trunk was being searched. I have to wonder if a middle-class white yuppie couple would have received the same treatment. Law Enforcement maintains that there’s no such thing as racial profiling. But I’m telling you this. I’m a truck driver. I’ve been on the road since September of 1999, and I’ve been to all 48 Continental United States. In that, on the average I’ve seen black people pulled over more often than white, and I’ve seen a disproportionate number of those people with their luggage setting on the side of the road while police pour over their car.

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