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Asshole Republican Relatives

I talked to Mama today. She was telling me about how she and Martha Sue (my aunt) had gone to see their sister, Edith Millwood, who is in a rest home. Edith’s sons, Pat, Jerry and Joe are diehard Republicans. The worst kind, actually. The kind who don’t think much for themselves, but just parrot what they’ve heard on television and on the radio from the talking heads. Now; into this we’ll introduce into the mix my aunt, Martha Sue Rhea, who is a diehard Democrat. Hilarity ensues? Hardly.
The Millwood boys seem to take great pleasure in picking at Sue about the Democrats, and especially about President Bill Clinton. They pick at her until she gets mad, and then they get mad at her. This makes me angry. I can’t describe how angry it makes me. Oh, they’re tough good ol’ boys when they’re taking on a 75 year old woman. I wonder how well they’d do if I was over there? I’m their worst nightmare. I know my facts. Most importantly, I know their facts, and what’s true and what’s not true.
The Millwood boys are the main reason I never gone over to see Edith in the rest home. I’m not going to fight over politics in front of Edith and upset her. You might think that her sons would have the same consideration for her. But they don’t.

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