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Mara's Birthday Computer

I bought Mara a computer for her birthday today (her birthday was yesterday). She just placed the order a little bit ago. Yes, it’s another Dell (we seem to be developing a pattern here). She’s really excited, and I’m just thrilled that we had the money. I do love her so. It’s been a long time since she had a computer of her own. Plus, she’s excited about the possibility of us playing Star Wars Galaxies together. Hell, so am I.
In other news, Mama showed me an article in the Kings Mountain Herald about Danny Bridges (who I played with in several bands). I’ve been meaning to check in with him and see how he’s been doing. Especially since Mark (Short; my cousin) told me that Danny had gotten into the blues. Man, I really wish I was home enough to jam with Danny sometime. He came by the house one night and extended the proverbial hand of friendship and mentioned getting together sometime. I’ve meant to call him ever since, but just haven’t known how to get in touch with him. Well, thanks to the article I have the address of his new business (he’s opened a new TV repair shop), and thanks to that I got his phone number from the Yellow Pages. I think I’ll be annoying Danny sometime next week. I wonder what he would make of my 12-string bass?

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