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Pickups And Dawg's Bass

I just realized that I may have ordered the wrong pickup last night for Dawg’s bass. I think I may have ordered a neck position jazz pickup when I needed a bridge position pickup. So far I haven’t had the chance to go online and check.
I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this bass before, but many years ago I gave my friend Kevin Galloway (Dawg) my Aria Pro II Cat Bass (which was a project bass). I replaced the bridge, tuners and other hardware, and was going to replace the pickups with Alembic pickups. But in the end I only replaced the P-bass pickup and never got around to replacing the jazz in the bridge position. That bass was left in that state, incomplete, for almost ten years. Well, now I’m finishing it, and putting Seymour Duncan pickups on it. I already have the P-bass pickup, but I think ordered the wrong jazz pickup.

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