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Screwed Up Day

It’s been a screwed up day today. In spite of going to Memphis on our first load this week, and picking up our second load from Mountain Home, Arkansas, we were making pretty good time. I expected to deliver our third load by 3pm and was shooting for 2pm.
But north I-65 was shut down around mm 205 (about 130 miles out at 12:30). That, of course, threw us behind, which in turn put us right smack in the middle of afternoon Chicago traffic. And it didn’t help that the worker drones in Beecher were doing everything they could to make the road construction there a Wagnerian scale disaster (they have a habit of letting the one-way traffic back up for a couple of miles before letting those people go; meaning a hell of a wait no matter what direction you’rr going in).
Ray, in his typically clueless way, has been telling us, essentially, that we need to try harder to get to our fourth load, in Chicago Heights, on time. Apparently the highway being shut down doesn’t compute as a legitimate delay to Ray.

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