Speeding Ticket In Ford Heights, Illinois

I got a fucking speeding ticket this morning in Ford Heights, Illinois. I’m angry about this because I wasn’t speeding! I came up off of 394, around the loop onto 30. I had gotten just past the bridge when I passed this cop. He pulled me and another truck over. He was really confrontational, and claimed that I was going 50 miles per hour in a 35mph zone. No matter how much I tried to explain that it would have been impossible for me to come up off of that ramp with a 44,000 pound load and get up to 50 mph by the time I reached him, he just loudly talked over me and ignored what I was trying to say. He seemed convinced that I had come down through the construction on 30 and was therefore speeding. I never touched the construction zone. It ended on my side just before the bridge. And remember; I came off of 394.
I’m really upset. If we can’t get this dismissed, this could mean the end of my driving. U.S. Xpress already has me on probation because of the cop in California who did the same thing! In California, the cop claimed I was going faster than I was, and wrote me a ticket that got me into a lot of trouble.
God. I do so hate cops sometimes. I’ve looked for reasons to respect the uniform, and to respect the people who would do that job, but most of the time I feel like chum in the water with the sharks circling. I suspect that’s the way a lot of cops see me, too.

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