Mara, The Emergency Room, And Loretta

Kings Mountain. Mara and I are at the hospital. She has hurt her thumb somehow and since we only have today we came out to the Emergency Room. But she’s at the desk now giving insurance info. Geez. A 5 minute visit?
Okay. I was wrong. The Hospital was just making sure that they were going to be paid. I suppose it’s been that long since I’ve been here.
The last time I was here was when Loretta died. Maybe I should be weirded out by that. Mara world be, normally. But I don’t feel like Lo died here. Lo died at home. They just brought her out here to make it official.
It’s strange to think about Lo these days. I keep her in a tight little box. I can’t afford to let myself think about her too much. I miss her So very much.
Christ. I’m sitting here in the waiting room with misting eyes. It’s time to put Loretta back in the box. Please forgive me, Lo. This isn’t the place.

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