Another Tuesday

Well. Today is the day. Another Tuesday. I wish I could say that I felt like we had some time off, but 4 days doesn’t mean a thing when you ran hard for 6 weeks and logged around 36,000 miles (Mara and I together). To make things worse, our customer in Bedford Park, Illinois has cancelled some loads; so we’re going to be heading to New York state to kick off our week. Oh, joy. Well, not that we have anything against New York. It just screws up our week. Ray doesn’t seem to understand that it’s impossible to start out late (this first load to New York can’t deliver until tomorrow morning) and still get to Chicago Heights on schedule on Thursday. So there’ll be plenty of tension this week because Ray will pout and imply that we’re not doing our jobs because we can’t make this work the way he wants us to.
I’m not frustrated about leaving. That’s just the way things are. If I’m frustrated about anything, it’s Star Wars Galaxies; a damned online game. Mara and I went to Gastonia to pick up a memory card for our digital camera. On a whim I bought this game. I won’t bore you with the details of the game (those who care already know about it). Suffice it to say that we’re both addicted. One or the other has been playing the game since we installed it; only stopping for the Lovelace reunion last Saturday.
Right now I’m waiting for my favorite server, Chilastra (where I keep my favorite character), to come back up. It would figure that I’d be the one who had to play at night when the servers get taken down for maintenance.
Actually, the server just came back up. I’m going to leap back in for a little more gameplay before we have to leave. I imagine Mara will be getting up around 10:00. I have until then, huh? Maybe soon I’ll post a screenshot of my character. Yes, I’m playing a female character again. There seems to be a pattern there. But we won’t get too far into that.

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