Bizarre Dreams

01:46 in or about Saint Leon, Indiana. I’m about to start my shift. I’m in an odd way this morning. Had bizarre dreams. They were too intricate to go into here, but suffice it to say that they involved invisible creatures that gobbled up people during dramatic moments of their staged play, humanoid lion creatures who were trying to repair an inter-dimensional rift (the fabric of our reality was coming apart), a desert valley full of spiritually resonant crystals, and the birth of a messianic type child who, upon birth, aged to 8 or 9 within seconds and who did not exist in the same time-frame as everyone else. I told the detailed version of these dreams to Mara. She said “that was intricate.” When I got up to do my log I locked the doors. I don’t feel spooked or concerned. But at the moment the universe is still malleable and there’s something symbolic and even defiant in locking that door. At least it stayed locked and at least the door stayed a door. Sometimes I worry that the door will become a jar (in-joke).

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