Feeling Displaced

Friday morning. We’re closing in on North Cove. This would normally be a cause for quiet celebration since it would mark the half-way point of our week. But since Ray forgot our week off and tried to talk us into working next week (which is out because of the Lovelace reunion), the only compromise we could arrive at was that we run run half of next week (4 trips instead of 8) and start on Monday rather than Tuesday. This should see us home on Wednesday. That’s better than nothing.
I just got up. I’m sitting here on the side of the bed listening to the steady hum of the tires. My hair feels like a bird’s nest on top of my head. I need a shower. Ria is snoozing at the foot of the bed. She tried to get me to play, but it’s not a good time.
I suppose I’m mostly sitting here feeling a little displaced. I’ve never felt as far away from my calling as I do right now.

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