Filed A Complaint Against NCO Financial

I forgot to mention something. I filed a public complaint about NCO Financial tonight. Not an official complaint. Just a public one. To make a long story short, Mara and I had a problem with an account. That account got transferred to NCO Financial for collection. We arranged a settlement with NCO. They cashed our check for $2,900. And nothing else was ever said about it.
NCO promised to report the settlement to the credit agencies. They promised to send us a statement certifying that the account had been settled. They did neither. And on this one web site I found page after page after page of people who had complained about the disreputable business practices of NCO Financial.
If you find yourself dealing with NCO Financial, I would not recommend paying them. They will not credit your payments to your account. And they will not credit your settlements. I honestly don’t know how this company is still in business when so many people have lodged complaints about them. One has to wonder if a class action lawsuit might be in order.
I’m going to continue to try to get this thing settled out. But if it isn’t resolved to my satisfaction, I’ll file complaints at the State and Federal levels. And if it comes to it, I will certainly sue these vultures for breach of contract.

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