Epic Dreams

Dream: I remember bits and pieces. Old houses which I’ve visited in dreams before (big 2 story with wraparound porch) have finally had their roofs fall in. Came across them on handmade skateboard.

Other segment, overlooking lake; girl stands up in convertible and takes off sweater. Is wearing sheer white t-shirt underneath. Nipples and boobs prominent. Girl in 2nd convertible does the same. Person in same position in 3rd car is male, and does the same (to less effect). Robin Williams is over this “game”.

Scene morphs into something else. Grand piano near cars. Jeff Bridges waves to kids in car and starts playing. In the lake below are many manned competition longboats (the skinny rowboats college snoots love). Robin Williams leads them through their exercises using the piano to teach rhythm.

Other segment; Robin Williams doing routines of some sort, but addressing the camera directly. At one point it’s part comedy routine and part commentary. At one point he has wings like a fairy (beating fast like a hummingbird), flying around and doing his thing while still addressing primary perspective.

Last segment I can recall; much of segment is gone. Angelina Jolie (unsure whether herself or character) is a student and is in some kind of trouble. She opens the door to a long, black limousine. The upholstery in the back is in tatters; you can see the foam padding. Attached to the seat is a long piece of thread or twine with a needle. She gets in, takes the needle and pushes it through the flesh behind her eyebrow. This is apparently part of the routine, and I think she had a pre-existing hole. Next to her sits an older lady. Older lady takes needles on her side and pushes them through each eyebrow (apparently with no pre-existing hole , because Jolie flinched).

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