Asshole On The Highway

People confuse me. I’m at the rest area in Sugartit, Kentucky. Just before I came in here, I was behind a woman who was going slow in the 2nd lane over. So I dropped over in the right lane to pass her. I was just coming up on her when she jumped over in front of me, and then slowed down. I started to move over into the 2nd lane to pass her, but someone had just come off of an exit and was coming around me. I waited, but the guy just sat there, pacing me. After finally slowing down to around 55 so that he had to pass me, I dropped in behind the guy. He flipped me off. Twice.
I’ve been going over this. Did I do something to this guy? Was I driving aggressively? I don’t think so. So what exactly was this guy’s problem?
I’ll never know. It always amazes me how many people have a chip on their shoulder where truck drivers are concerned. It also amazes me how many people do stupid shit around big trucks and then flip the driver off, never realizing how close they came to being ground to hamburger beneath the wheels of a big truck, and never realizing that the driver they just flipped off may very well have saved their lives.
Of course, this has little to do with my encounter. To my knowledge the only person who did anything was the guy who flipped me off. I would dearly love to hear his version of the encounter.

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