Dreams And Relatives

Had a dream. Mara and I were at a reunion. I believe it was Mama’s family. I remember running into my cousin, Chad Short. I punched him lightly on the arm and said hello. He was friendly (as Chad always is), but he was talking to some friends and I wandered on. No one else at the reunion seemed to know Mara and I, and I didn’t know anyone else.

Then there was another part. We were trying to pick up a load and we were in this area where there was a lot of industry. At some point I called my uncle, Jack Chaney. I don’t remember why. But I got people whom I didn’t know. They didn’t know me. Jack wasn’t available. I told them I was his nephew, and asked them to have him call me. For some reason I seriously doubted that would get anywhere.

The last part I remember was down at the Montgomery farm in Blacksburg where my Aunt Margie and Uncle Jake (Montgomery) lived (and where the Blackwell reunions were held). I don’t remember if anyone was there. Really all I remember was that at some point I sat down in a chair beside a table. Aunt Margie was sitting there. I said to her; “Aunt Margie, I am so tired.” Then I realized that she had not been there, and remembered that she had been dead for years. I started crying.

I don’t remember anything else. I suppose the last part was a variation on the time at one of the reunions when I spent most of my time sitting in the kitchen talking to Aunt Margie. I still miss her.

Anyway. These were my dreams last night.

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