Dreams And Monks And Dragons

Dreams. Or a dream. I’m not sure.

At first I was in some sort of office-like area, like I was picking up Mara from work or something. It felt like an office, but maybe a clinic at the same time. There was a main room and then smaller rooms off of it, like maybe they held craft classes or something there. Very hard to describe.

Anyway, I wasn’t myself for long, but quickly became an observer. Everyone had left but two women. One was sort of over the whole thing and the other was a student or patron. There was a man, but I think he had just arrived. One of the women winked at the other and took the man upstairs. Their intent was clear.

The remaining woman was then outside, loading something onto the back of a flatbed truck. She would put this sectional object on the flatbed, but it would slide right off, like a magnet being repelled by another magnet. She did this several times to no good effect. Then there was a man outside. I don’t recall if it was the man who was inside with the other woman.

And then there was another man. The two men started fighting. Both seemed to have some sort of power. One would start losing and then he would make himself more powerful somehow. Then the other would make himself powerful still. They went back and forth like this. Finally, one raised his power so dramatically a mountain in the distance suddenly bore his face, and the mountain started to move, coming to crush the smaller man. The weaker of the two took another tactic and changed himself into a butterfly, so that he would be so small that the mountain could not find him. This worked.

The next thing I remember is that this “butterfly man” came to some kind of oriental pagoda or something. I believe he must have asked for sanctuary from the monk he met there. I now remember the monk as being very Bhuddist, but I believe he was more refined and techno than that, like a marriage between old and new. Anyway, the mountain dude showed up (human now) and demanded that he be given the other man. The monk refused. The man then proceeded to try to abuse and intimidate the monk. But just then some doors opened up. Out came the other man, now transformed into something that was a hybrid of a oriental dragon, a lion and Judas Priest’s metal Hellion. He snatched up the man and swallowed him. This apparently was a bad thing. Dude’s insides were fire or acid or something. The bad guy didn’t struggle long.

Next part:

A walled garden. In the center was a structure that seemed part greenhouse and part residence. A house; but one with glass walls and stone floors, with a lot of plants, located in the center of a lush tropical garden. Around all of this were walls that were completely sealed. In each wall was a sealed door. Again there was a man. Like a new variation on the monk. And there was a woman. She asked for sanctuary, I believe, and it was granted. Then there was some sort of spiritual assault on the garden. All around the garden were these ceramic statues of warriors. The monk brought these to life to fight off this assault, and it was repelled. Then there was a knocking at one of the doors. A scratching. It was the woman, I think, again asking for sanctuary. This time the monk refused. He had learned his lesson.

My recollection of this dream is terribly incomplete. A lot of the meaning seems to have been lost. I guess that’s what I get for not writing it down right away. It seemed very important at the time.

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