Today Is Going To Suck

Well, it’s Tuesday. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel the same way about Tuesdays once we come off of the road for good.
Today is going to suck. For one thing, we’ll most likely have to leave today. Assuming that our truck is finished. Mara told Ray that it might not be ready until this afternoon. He said that we could still make our runs. It’s amazing to me how much he bitches about schedules when we’re running behind. But if we have a problem such as our truck being in the shop, those schedules are suddenly very flexible. Ray said something about getting us through Tunnel Hill to get us another truck. Mara said that she thought he was full of it. I suggested that he was probably joking or being sarcastic in the first place. No one seems to care what we have to deal with. This is the third time this year this truck has been in the shop for major repairs. But who gives a fuck? Just keep the freight moving, right?
I’m getting antsy because I’m about to go to bed, and I know that when I get up I’ll be back in the clutches of USX. I’ve enjoyed our week off. I almost felt like a normal human being again. I admit that we didn’t do shit, and we didn’t get anything done. The back yard is still a mess. We didn’t touch the bathroom, and couldn’t say when we’ll ever paint it. Mostly we just sat around last week and pretended that we didn’t drive a truck, and we tried to ignore the looming Tuesday deadline as it approached. Our lives are not much more than that. I feel sometimes like we’re all just wasting away, waiting for some unknown end to come. We certainly don’t seem to have lives.

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