A Fairly Interesting Day

We had a fairly interesting day today. Okay, so that’s an exaggeration.
I had an interesting afternoon. I went out to go to the hardware store and pick up some epoxy to repair one of Mama’s statues (that she suspects the new neighbor’s children of breaking). While I was out I circled through Mountain Rest Cemetery and paid my respects to family. Mama made a flower arrangement for my father’s grave, and I was struck to realize that it was probably the first time we had put anything on his grave for Easter. After that I ran the van through the automatic car wash and vacuumed the floors, then circled back by CVS to pick up some pictures that I’d dropped off (pictures dating back to my days with Epes). Then I came home.
Mama wanted us to take her to Mountain Rest. She made an Easter egg tree to go on Lo’s and Sis’ graves. My aunt Sue made fun of Mama, but it makes sense. Mama used to dye eggs every Easter for Loretta. This is sort of like carrying on the tradition. Lo would think it was funny, anyway. So there. Mara and I fastened the little tree into place, and then the three of us spent some time wandering all over the cemetery. Mama tends to wander a lot when we get over there. She says that it’s pretty bad when you know more people who are buried in the cemetery than are living. But then Mama has a detailed record of a large part of the people who ever lived in Kings Mountain during her lifetime. Mara and I laugh at Mama sometimes; she’ll mention someone whose name I’ve never heard, and she’ll say “You know. He used to come in up at the cafe a lot.” Mama knows just about everyone through that cafe, I think.
Afterward Mama decided that she wanted to sandwich from the Sub Factory here in town. Sylvia Short (Chad’s wife; you know them. They used to come in up at the cafe) made all three of us these huge turkey pita sandwiches. And we dutifully gorged ourselves when we came home. Dr. Atkins, I’m sorry. I don’t seem to be able to do so hot when I’m at home. Hell, I wasn’t doing so hot on the road, either.
I enjoyed the day. It was like one last deep breath of freedom before returning to the cage. By this time tomorrow, I’ll probably be staring at the highway again. Man. That’s a depressing thought.

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