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Carlo Robelli 12-String Bass

My wife is a wonderful woman. Today we picked up my Carlo Robelli 12-string bass from Sam Ash in Charlotte, and I am still somewhat humble that Mara is so good to me. Any other woman would have flipped if their man had bought another bass. Mara not only did not mind, but let me lay away two other basses, as well. What a lucky guy am I, eh?
As for the bass itself, I am very pleased. It plays well and sounds wicked. In some ways I’m like a kid again, because now I have a really cool toy. I don’t know what will come out of this thing, but it can’t hurt to have it.
Well, I’ll write more about this later. I need to go to Charlotte to pick up Mara. She had another family meeting this afternoon with her mom and sisters. I need to get going now if I’m going to get over there any time soon.

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10 years ago

I have the same exact bass and love it!
Do you have the manual? I found your post while looking for it online… Still have this bass by the way?

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