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Fighting U.S. Xpress

What a fucked up company we work for. We had a flat tire on our trailer last night while Mara was driving. She noticed this when she stopped in Hebron, Indiana to fuel, and went across the street to the Flying J shop. She called Breakdown at U.S. Xpress and had to argue with them to get the fucking tire repaired. First the guy tells her “We don’t do road service for one flat tire.” They wanted her to drive it to a T/A truck stop (the closest one southbound was over 100 miles away). He told her that U.S. Xpress would accept responsibility for a ticket if she got one and would pay for it. She asked them who would pay for it if the flat tire came off the rim and went through the windshield of a mini-van with a family of five inside. Then she told him, simply, that she was not going to drive it, and that we could get it repaired at the Flying J or we could park. I am getting so fucking tired of having to fight this company over stuff like this.

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