Depressed. Fat And Depressed.

Okay. I’m depressed. I weighed today. I haven’t lost any more weight. I’m puzzled by this. I’ve been sticking to Atkins faithfully, but I haven’t lost any more weight in a month. I got off to a great start, losing 15 pounds during my fist month. But since then … nothing. I’ve been thinking about this. The only thing I can come up with is that I’ve slipped back into drinking diet drinks. Dr. Atkins warned against both Nutrasweet and caffeine; both of which are present in most diet soft drinks. I sometimes drink Diet Cheerwine, which is made with Splenda, but it still has caffeine. So if I’ve been sticking to the diet, could it be the diet drinks? It seems like the first I was on it, when I was driving for Epes, I lost most of my weight while drinking pretty much nothing but water. I’ll have to experiment with this a bit.

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