About Those Carlo Robelli Basses

I’m tinkering around on the computer, updating Blogger files and catching up on my e-mail to myself (notes and such). Mara has gone to the grocery store. We just got back a little while ago from Charlotte. We had to go to Gastonia to make a bank deposit, and Mara suggested heading on over to Sam Ash Music to see if she could get a pitch pipe. So we did, and Mama tagged along.
Long story short, Mara got her pitch pipe. While there, I took the opportunity to play some of the Carlo Robelli basses that I’ve been seeing in the Sam Ash catalogs; the 12-string, a 6-string, several fretlesses, and some basses with a P/J set-up. I was greatly impressed by all of the instruments that I played. The only complaint I had was that the action on the cheaper fretless was a little high. These instruments felt like they should cost a whole lot more than they did. The 12-string bass was $400. The 6-string was about $360. The fretless basses were $190 and $250. And they all felt like they were of a much better quality than you would expect from these prices.
Quite frankly, I’m sold. While maybe the quality of the pickups leave a little to be desired, these are extremely playable basses. You can always change pickups.
Maybe Sam Ash will go up on their prices. I noticed that on their web site some of these basses are listed as being in limited quantities. One has to wonder if they’ll come back with higher prices. I hope not. Hell, I’m tempted to head back to Charlotte and lay away that 12-string bass just to make sure that I can get it for $400. We’ll see.
Mara said we would lay that 12-string away next week. To be honest, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll lay away a couple of other basses, as well, just to make sure that I can get them at these prices. I wonder how big of a fight that would start?

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