Interesting Encounter

I had an interesting encounter today. I had stopped at the Rest Area in Lebanon, Indiana, and had just set my brakes, when I looked up and noticed a young woman standing in the grass beside a field. She was standing very still, with her hands at her sides. She had long, brown hair, which hung down on either side of her face. My initial impression was of Samara, the girl in the movie The Ring; mostly because she was looking right at me, and her head hung down somewhat. Maybe because of The Ring, but it seemed like an intense gaze. Then her dog was moving around, and she pulled up the hood of her jacket to ward off some of the wind (which was rough).
Beyond that I didn’t think much about it. I got out of the truck and went inside to use the bathroom, and when I came out she was gone. I assumed that she had hopped into her car and left. But as I was pulling out, another U.S. Xpress truck pulled out ahead of me. The driver looked back and waved. To my surprise, it was Samara.
Now, before any ladies can be offended, I wasn’t surprised that a woman was driving a big truck. My wife drives; remember? I guess what surprised me was that she didn’t have the vibe of a truck driver, or the body language.
Anyway, I fell in behind her as we left the Rest Area. After a few miles I turned on my CB radio to ask the southbound traffic how I-80/94 was up near Chicago. She was talking. I wound up talking with her some, and we followed a tanker on Mara’s favorite backroads around the cluster-fuck of I-80/94 over to I-294 West. She was a little reluctant to talk at times, which isn’t really surprising given the general lecherous abuse that most women have to put up with over the CB radio. But we talked a bit.
About half way along the backroads route, Mara got up, and she talked a little bit to Samara. When we got to I-294, we eventually went our way along I-294 and she went on I-290, which is where Mara got her first glimpse of Samara. It was no wonder she was reluctant to talk too much on the radio. She was very pretty. I only got a glimpse as I waved at her, but she reminded me a little of actress Rhona Mitra (though I know Mara would kill me for thinking that). Turns out her CB handle was Homeless. I hope she’s been well since.
I mention this mostly because of the interesting first impression I had of her; that of Samara out of The Ring. Believe it or not, the impression is the thing that weirded me out, and is probably the reason I will remember Homeless. Of course, Mara would argue that I remember her because she was a pretty girl. I’m sure there’s a bit of truth to that. But I guess because of that first impression, I’m left wondering who she was, what she was about, and what kind of life she’s led. I don’t have a reason to think that about many drivers.

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