Stand-Off With The Drones

We had to have a stand-off with the drones in Breakdown today (well, Mara did). We have coolant in our oil and desperately needed an oil change; especially if we’re going to wait until our week off to get the EGR cooler repaired. But they only wanted us to get a Level-A PM (no oil change). Our steer tires were shot and would not have passed D.O.T. inspection (they wanted to rotate them). All of our drive tires are chewed up from trying to get out of our customers docks in Chicago Heights, but one wouldn’t even hold air (they didn’t went to replace it or even have it looked at).
In short, they fought us over everything. We’re both disgusted. U.S. Xpress won’t give us a new truck, and then they nickle and dime us over our efforts to keep this piece of shit on the road.

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