Whacking Away With His Little Tool

I wanted to mention something hilarious that happened today. Mara and I stopped at the Pilot truck stop in Hebron, Indiana. I went in to get our fuel ticket, etc, and went into the McDonald’s there to get us something to eat. Something funny happened there. But for it to be funny, I have to set it up. So here goes.
There was a gaggle of teenage girls in there, making a whole hell of a lot of noise. So everyone was generally either quiet or speaking loudly to be heard. I was standing next to two attractive 25-35 year old young mother types. One was chatting about a project that she had gotten into; repairing a broken window at her husband’s mother’s house. Apparently there was an antique dresser or chest or something in front of the window, and Dude’s mother absolutely forbade them to move it. So they had to work around it, which made it difficult to get to the window. Chica had to lean over across the chest/dresser and hold the window while her husband tried to drive a nail into the frame from the side.
Okay. There’s the set-up. Here’s the funny part.
I had been listening to this whole story simply because I was in proximity. Because of the loud-ass girls, no one else was close enough to hear it (I’m pointing out here that I wasn’t eavesdropping). These two ladies didn’t really notice as the girls left, and chica continued on with her complaining in a loud voice as the girls exited (and the room volume suddenly quietened).
In a loud voice, chica said;
“So there I was, bent over this dresser and trying to hang on, and he’s whacking away with his little tool like a maniac; but we just could not get it done.”
McDonalds fell absolutely silent when she said that.
Remember, I was the only one in the room (other than her friend) who had heard the rest of the story.
Read it again.
I started laughing. Chica looked at me and said; “That didn’t sound good, did it?” I just shook my head and lost it. I couldn’t answer her for laughing. She told her friend; “You order for me. I’m going to go hide in the car.” But to her credit, she stayed put. I’m grinning just thinking about it. I think I would have gone out to the car if it had been me. I told Mara about it when I got back to the truck, and she lost it, too. What made the whole thing so hilarious was the absolute, slack-jawed stillness in the McDonalds after she said that. Even the girls behind the counter stopped what they were doing. Chica had said this pretty loudly.
Oh, well. All’s well that ends well. If nothing else, chica has a new story she can tell. I know I do. Heck, I really needed that laugh about then. Chica, whoever you are, wherever you are, I’ll always owe you a debt a gratitude for making my day.

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Peggy Chaney
12 years ago

I loved this blog. Would love to have been there and seen your face! Too funny! You must have worked really hard to create this page!

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