Tinkering With The PDA

I-294. On the loop around Cincinnati. I just knocked out the last of our salmon patties that Mama made for us. I’m experimenting here, to see if I can use Mara’s PDA for this. I’ve been using the truck’s Satcom to send these notes to myself (as well doing some general e-mail) but my reptilian brain finally added up how much money I was pissing away each month for the convenience. About $200. Yes, friends. I have been happily shelling out up to $50 a week for e-mail. What a bright boy I am, huh?
Anyway, it just stopped. I’m also going to weed out a lot of the other ways that we lose money every month; things that we just don’t need. Playboy Cyber-Club (um, that’s mine). Ancestry.com (I’ve subscribed to some databases that I could do without). I’m sure there are lots of other little ways that we could stem He monetary blood-letting. If we’re ever going to get ahead , we have to stop acting like money is no object.

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